Julia Lucas Will Be Okay

I can’t get away from the women’s 5,000 at last month’s Olympic trials, in which Julia Lucas looked certain to make the Olympic team with 900 meters to go and with 800 to go essentially panicked the team away, launching a surge that both cost her a top-three finish and allowed neophyte Kim Conley to run under 15:20 and get the A standard by small fractions of a second. Watching Lucas finish fourth was brutal. Her father’s post on the race has been making the rounds. It’s worth reading:

My daughter will move on, in the running world and beyond. She needs no litany of clichĂ©s to get back on her feet, or back in the saddle, or to keep her eyes on the (next) prize. That’s inside her and always has been.

And she doesn’t need more hugs, or cries or consoling texts, voice- or e-mails; though they keep coming and she keeps mustering the good will and grace to accept them.

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